Sale professional equipment for bars and restaurants

Equipment for restaurants, bars, pizzerias, ice-cream parlors, pastries...

Guida e Arreda deals with the sale of professional equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes, pastries, ice-cream parlors, pubs, pizzerias, supermarkets, deli, fruit and vegetables, fishmongers, butchers, bakery, cheese factoriespharmacies, clothing and all kind of grocery stores and no-food shops, laundries, as well as the design and manufacture of custom-made furnishings.
We are the point of reference for professionals in the supply of equipment for professional cooking, preparation, refrigeration, aspiration, washing and Frigomat Dealers Ice Cream Machines.


Professional kitchens, electric and gas ovens, trivalent ovens, fryers, pasta cooker, coffee makers, hold and regeneration ovens.

Convection ovens

Comfort, energy efficiency, easy and safe cleaning, manageability and safety in professional kitchens.


Refrigerated cabinets and desks, refrigerators and refrigerated counters, blast chiller, freezers, ice machines.


Professional wood oven, gas oven, electric oven, pizza dough sheeter, pizza dough mixers, refrigerated pizza counters.


Specific refrigerated cabinets for curing the cured meats, the maturation of the meats and the aging of the cheeses.

Ice-cream and pastry

Cockpit benches for ice-creams, display stands, ice-cream machines, cream cookers, whipping cream, pasteurizers, refrigerated display cabinets.


Glasswashers, dishwasher, pan washers, trays washers, sterilizers, glass dryers, baskets and accessories for dishwashers.


Bar counters, cold and hot showcases, work desks, cupboards, washtubs, metal shelving.


Dough mixers, ice cream machines, external suction machines, slicers, kitchen robot, planetary mixer.


Traditional hoods, compensation hoods, air treatment plants, suction ceilings, accessories.

Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Display counters, furnishing accessories, display cabinets, shelves, modular furniture, panels, mannequins, accessories.


Centrifuges, hidroextractors, dryers, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, trolleys with cloth-bags.

Professional equipment for catering, washing, aspiration, refrigeration, laundry

Thanks to our trust in the best manufacturing companies, we are always ready to meet every need. In addition, our technical service department with highly qualified staff is always ready to suggest the customer the most suitable solution to their needs.

Sell professional equipment for your business

We will help you choose the best equipment for your needs whatever your business type.

  • Sale equipment bar, ice cream parlors and pastry shops
  • Restaurant equipment, pizzerias and pubs
  • Supermarket equipment, deli, fruit and vegetables, bakeries, fishmongers, butchers, dairies and grocery stores