Financing for the operating lease of equipment and furnishings

We realize your dreams by making your investment easier!

We are convinced that establishing an excellent relationship of collaboration is essential for building solid and lasting relationships and, consequently, facilitating the customer by proposing alternative business financing strategies is an opportunity for mutual growth.

To do this, we meet the needs of our customers even with a type of loan that provides for the operating lease of equipment and furnishings.

We offer the possibility to rent equipment and furnishings, thus facilitating the customer who has no immediate liquidity and who can start the business by paying the rent of equipment with convenient fees.

Rental is a form of contract through which the owner of an asset (the landlord) confers on others (the tenant) the right to use the asset, for a defined period of time, against payment of a periodic rent. Being an alternative solution to financial purchase and leasing, it does not provide, at the end of the contract, for the customer to automatically become the owner of the asset.

What are the advantages of the rental for you?

Surely you are wondering what are the advantages of the operating lease. This type of lease is an alternative formula to direct purchase or lease to allow your business to have the availability of an asset for a pre-established duration by paying a periodic fee without acquiring ownership.

We recommend this type of lease to customers looking for a flexible solution that allows continuous technological renewal, protecting them from the risk of obsolescence of company assets.

In fact, leasing is an excellent alternative to purchase because it offers the customer the possibility of accessing the latest generation of equipment, on payment of a monthly fee which is a fixed cost that can be easily estimated. In addition to not affecting the user's financial statements, this form of financing provides at the end of the period of enjoyment, the ability to return the asset, replace it with a more modern or buy the used good at an affordable price.

  • You will have more liquidity because you will not have to mobilize your funds.
  • You will finance the rents with the same revenues made from the use of equipment and furnishings, increasing your investment capacity.
  • You will have at your disposal state-of-the-art technologies paying in convenient periodical fees and you will remain competitive in an extremely dynamic market.
  • You will be able to renew technologically obsolete equipment even before the expiry of the lease.
  • You will benefit from the maximum flexibility we guarantee to our customers according to your needs.
  • The purpose of the rental is to use the asset, it is a commercial service without any limitation of duration and allows additions and modifications, providing fiscal, operational and economic advantages.

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